John F. Koch


Doctor of Psychology
Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor

John is a licensed mental health counselor with his Psy.D. from Argosy University.  His Psy.D. dissertation examines the individual’s personal spiritual experience within the framework of Alcoholics Anonymous.

John’s training includes treating co-occurring disorders, meaning the simultaneous treatment of addiction and other psychiatric disorders.  He also has experience working with individuals, including both teens and adults, with depression and anxiety.  He also has experience leading groups, including groups focused on relapse prevention, and on DBT.

John tailors his therapeutic approach to meet the needs of each client.  His core belief is that therapy is a journey of growth for both client and therapist. While continuously employing Humanistic principles of congruence and unconditional positive regard, John also incorporates AEDP techniques of attachment building and affect-mirroring. This allows the client to process complex emotions in a supported and caring environment and models secure attachments that the client will recreate outside the therapeutic relationship. John also integrates Existential principles as defined by Victor Frankel, who taught that the search for meaning and purpose is a primary, personal motivation.

John lives on the Eastside with his wife and children. He enjoys watching his kids participate in their various sports activities including softball, baseball, basketball and track. John plays hockey in a local adult amateur league.

John accepts the following insurance: Premera, Regence, Kaiser Permanente.

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